Dear Patron,

Thousands of members and hundreds of shows and clinics create the infrastructure of CDS. To keep this vital structure evolving and progressing, your support is needed. Philanthropic support is essential for CDS to continue to be able to create new programs and educational events for all its members. CDS has created this Patron of Dressage Fundraising effort to insure existing programs are supported and new educational events can be launched. As it looks to the next 50 years, CDS is seeking new and innovative ways to build revenue, reduce expenses and build a better CDS.

Please consider a donation in addition to your CDS membership to help CDS provide dressage education and scholarships to dressage riders in CDS. All donations are welcome and appreciated. All donors will be listed in the Roster as well as on the website as a Supporter or Patron of Dressage. CDS is a 501(c) 3 and donations are tax deductible.



All programs — Annual Meeting, Amateur Clinics, Junior Programs
90% of all donations go directly to the programs, 10% to general fund.